Welcome to my personal website, and thank you for your interest in my research.

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Amsterdam Cooperation Lab (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), working alongside Daniel Balliet, Paul Van Lange, and Fernando Santos on the evolution of human cooperation. The main aim of my research is to develop new theoretical models, based on agent-based modelling and evolutionary game theory, to understand how interdependence shapes the evolution of cooperation.

Selected Publications

M Colnaghi, PAM Van Lange, FP Santos, D Balliet (2023). Adaptations to infer fitness interdependence promote the evolution of cooperation. PNAS, 120(50), e2312242120.

M ColnaghiN Lane, and A Pomiankowski (2022). Repeat sequences limit the effectiveness of LGT and favoured the evolution of meiotic sex in early eukaryotesPNAS, 119(35) e2205041119.

RN Palmeira, M Colnaghi, SA Harrison, N Lane, and A Pomiankowski (2022). The limits of metabolic heredity in protocells. Proc Royal Soc B, Nov 9:289(1986).

M ColnaghiN Lane, and A Pomiankowski (2020). Genome expansion in early eukaryotes drove the transition from lateral gene transfer to meiotic sex. eLife, 9:e58873.